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Beyond the Brainstorm: Joanne Brunn on Creativity Tools for Leaders

How can you bring more creativity to your leadership in your workplace? Joanne Brunn is the CEO of a startup technology company who is also an innovator in using creativity to generate new ideas and problem solve solutions for hard to solve challenges.

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Business officer roundtable at CCBO Annual International Conference

College leaders face unique budgeting challenges. At XLerant, we believe that a collaborative budgeting strategy – one that includes thoughtful input from many participants – can better help community colleges meet their goals.”


Get Positive to Get Creative

Practicing Positive Psychology can strengthen creative skills and increase the possibility of creative outcomes. Living a more creative life does not just have personal ramifications, but societal implications as well. We do not live in isolation. What we do and what we think affects others. Taking the opportunity to strengthen our creativity enables us to more readily express our unique abilities so that we can help to manifest positive changes in the world.

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When Budgeting is a Team Sport

AFP (Association for Financial Professionals) Exchange
When it comes to budgeting, CFOs and finance staff are clearly the experts. Oftentimes, however, organizations engage multiple employees and departments
in budgeting—meaning that both financial and non-financial participants will have
a hand in the process. There are significant benefits to engaging employees across an organization in budgeting


What can Dagara Indigenous Wisdom teach us about Creativity?

Ancient wisdom teachings provide one roadmap to integrating creativity and spirituality into the everyday. The Dagara are an Indigenous people living today in multiple countries in Western Africa, much like they have for centuries. Their nature-based cosmology honors the elements of fire, water, earth, nature and mineral. They spend much of their life in ritual. Learn how the five elements can help us view situations from multiple perspectives.

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Positive Psychology - The Science of Happiness

Everyone can increase their happiness level. Positive Psychology is the scientific study of optimal human functioning – more commonly known as “happiness.” Increased levels of happiness have been shown to positively influence success, productivity, physical and mental health, self-efficacy, resiliency, and creativity. Studies show that it is the increased levels of happiness which lead to these positive outcomes – rather than the other way around, as many people assume.


Going for a BIG Insight? Understanding the Stages of Creativity

Why is it so hard to get to that Aha moment? Creativity is often misunderstood and may seem overwhelming to put into practical use. However, we all naturally follow the creative stages of preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification. Through understanding these research-based stages of creativity, you will learn how to identify and manage the stages to encourage creativity. The stage that often gets neglected or outright prohibited is incubation – yet that is the major factor in getting to that Aha moment of illumination.